Adult Day Program Admissions FAQ

frequently asked questions for adult day program admissions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Programs for Adults With Developmental Disabilities and Intellectual Disabilities

Have a question about our programs for adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities? Check out our FAQs below, and if you don’t see the answer you were looking for, let us know!

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Frequently Used Terms:

1:1 – Individual Staff Support

CLS – Community Learning Services

CMRO – Central Maryland Regional Office of DDA

DDA – Developmental Disabilities Administration

DH – Day Habilitation

ED&C – Employment Discovery & Customization

GTYI – Governor’s Transitioning Youth Initiative which gives eligible youth access to DDA funding during their 21st year upon exiting the school system.

ISS – Individual Support Services

Matrix – numbers that represent the Health/Safety and Supervision/Assistance needs of each individual funded through DDA

PC – Program Coordinator

PCI – Providence of Maryland, Inc.

PS – Personal Supports

RC or SC – Resource Coordinator/Service Coordinator

RFSC – Request for Service Change

SE – Supported Employment

SFP – Service Funding Plan

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Day Program Admissions:

Below are our most frequently asked questions about our adult day program admissions.

Q: What is the age range of individuals who receive your services?

A: Age 21+

Q: Do you offer residential services?

A: No, However you my access a list of other agencies that may provide residential services in the central region at this link:

Q: Does PCI provide medical day services?

A: No.

Q: Do you have a nurse on site?

A: Yes, a nurse is accessible either in the building or via cell phone during business hours. In addition, all of our staff are trained in CPR and First Aid.

Q: Does PCI offer 1:1 support services in the adult day programs?

A: Through the admissions process, each individual will be assessed regarding their level of supports needed and whether PCI is able to provide these supports. PCI is limited in its ability to provide supports based on the amount of funding the Developmental Disabilities Administration provides for that individual.

Q: Does PCI offer transportation services?

A: PCI follows the Community Pathways Waiver philosophy regarding transportation. We strive to achieve the least costly, most integrated, and most appropriate means of transportation for each individual with the priority given to the use of public transportation or natural supports as appropriate for the individual’s needs and abilities. We do have a fleet of vehicles that are also utilized to provide transportation to and from the centers as needed.

Q: Do you provide adult day services for seniors with a cognitive decline such as Alzheimer’s or dementia?

A: While some of the individuals we serve are considered Senior Citizens, we do not provide specialized services for seniors who have a cognitive decline. Additionally, we only provide services for those who would qualify for supports through the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

Q: What is process of admissions and how long does it generally take?

A: There are several steps in the admissions process which include touring the site(s), meeting with a director, submitting application and background documentation. After these initial steps, our team will review the applicant at our bi-weekly Clinical Review Committee meeting and will contact the applicant or their appointee with additional questions or a determination. Once accepted, the Admissions team will work in conjunction with Service Coordination and the individual’s team members in requesting the appropriate funding through DDA. This process from the initial inquiry to the actual start of services generally takes a minimum of 3 months but can take several months longer depending on a variety of factors.

Q: What information does PCI need throughout the admissions process?

A: An application is needed to initiate the admissions process. In addition, we require a Psychological Evaluation, Individual Education Plan or Individual Plan, Medication Information, Behavioral Data and any other relevant medical or historical documentation. Following acceptance additional information will be requested from PCI before the individual is able to start.

Q: How do I get funding for services?

A: The large majority of those that receive PCI services are funded through DDA. Additional funding sources may be available after services are started. A very small portion of individuals choose to private pay for services, but this is not financially feasible for most people for an extended period of time. More information regarding applying for DDA services can be found at this link:

Q: What funding types are accessible for transitioning youth?

A: The Governor’s Transitioning Youth Initiative allows for access to Day Habilitation, Supported Employment, Community Learning Services, and Employment Discovery & Customization through PCI.

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