We believe community is meant for all of us.

Real Connections. Real Opportunities. Real Experiences.

Real experiences are unique to each person. Soon on this page we will be sharing stories of these experiences and what they mean to the people we support.

We believe community is meant for all of us.

Every step we take at Providence is driven by the person – Person First.

The connections, opportunities, and experience are authentic – real – to each person’s unique vision for their life. A life that they choose.

Since 1961 Providence has been working alongside people to discover and live their best lives.

Our approach – support each person to build real connections, real opportunities, and real experiences within their own communities to reach the goals they have set for their life.

It all begins with discovery – understanding what each person wants as their best life. We support and mentor them in that discovery… exploring opportunities in their community as they build their own path to reach their goals for themselves.

We coach people to build skills they need to reach desired goals through learning directly in the community. This includes making sure each person has the skills to use their voice to make their own choices, express their desires and opinions, and advocate for their best life.

How people connect and engage with their community varies with each person and is based on their personal interests and priorities. We believe people who want to work can and should have a competitive job in their community. At Providence, each person works with experienced Employment Mentors who coach them through every step of their career journey – job discovery, skill development, paid internships, and other work-based learning opportunities, including supported employment and ongoing career development.

When needed, the highly specialized teams at Providence can provide social, emotional, and behavioral supports.

We work with people to live in a home of their choosing, whether home is with their family, with a roommate in the community, or living independently. Providence also offers community living options in Charles County.

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