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Why Donate to Providence?

img2Providence has been providing comprehensive, life-enhancing services and programs for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1961. Our mission is to ensure that everyone we serve builds the skills and has the supports to have opportunities like the rest of us and the chance to enrich our community with their gifts.

We owe our success, and the success of our participants, largely to our generous donors, and partners in the community. With your continued support, we can provide the very best supports today and for years to come.

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How Are Donations Utilized?

Financial contribution to Providence is largely used to both broaden the services we offer and to support the operational costs of our programs. Your donation means we have the staff in place, the transportation available, and the administrative supports to empower nearly 500 individuals to gain independence, build skills, and contribute fully to our community. With your donation we can provide the most modern tools and approaches and tailor our services to each individual’s needs and dreams for their life.

How Volunteering Can Benefit Our Community

A donation of your time can have just as much of an impact on our success, and that of our participants. Your specific skills could mentor people in small business, job management and development, pottery, and horticulture.

Your contribution of time can be valuable throughout our programs, helping individuals learn to read, master a new skill, or simply sharing a lunch together. Any time given to Providence is time well spent, and is invaluable to our participants!

Attaining New Heights with Providence

We are proud to support the people who join with Providence, as well as our community. Through community partnership, we are successful and together we become stronger and achieve more.

We welcome and encourage all contributions, small or large, time or monetary, and look forward to working with you.

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